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Is the City I'm Moving to Good for People with My Name?

You're Planning on Moving

It's that time in your life-maybe you just graduated college, just started a new career, or just left a miserable relationship. Regardless of the reason, it's time to up and move, not just within your city, but to an entirely new area. It's a real fresh start. Regardless of whether you can choose where you go, or you can't (such as for a job), you'll want to know something important about this new berg-does it treat people with your name well?

More in Common than Just a Name

Many people feel a certain level of commonality with those that share their name, beyond what's printed on their birth certificate. Different areas can have different receptions to names. If you have a name that's common in most of the country, you can check on a few of your fellow name-bearers in your new area to make sure things are just as average in your new town. If you have a more uncommon name, such as one from a foreign country or different culture, it would be wise to do a quick check up. Intolerance runs deep in some parts of the country, and you'll want to ensure that it's safe and or prosperous where you're moving.

How does 411Locate Work?

411Locate.com is a people, phone number and property search website. It can pull up all sorts of public records and data on individuals that you have a first and last name for, along with their state/city. You can look for people with your exact name (i.e. John Smith), or cross-referencing from another source, look up other "Johns" to get a sense of it. 411Locate will provide similarly-named people in most searches, however. Make sure you list the city you're planning to move to specifically, and not just the state.

What Occupation Do My Namesakes Have?

If the social media report brings anything back, you can usually find them on LinkedIn or Facebook, which will typically have a job posting. What do your namesakes do for a living? Is it something above or below your station? Find out your potential growth before you plant yourself somewhere new.

What Income Do My Namesakes Earn?

Any income on public record can be found on the site. What do they pay Johns around here? How about Janes? Find out what you can ask your new boss for, and maybe even print out the report and bring it to them as evidence-how could they say "no" to hard facts?

What Types of Property and Value Do They Have?

You can see people's various properties, and the values of each. In addition to that, you can cross reference the location of their property or properties with information on the general well-being of the neighborhoods they're in. Safe, prosperous? Run-down, dangerous?

What's on their Criminal Records?

Something important to consider is what kind of crimes your namesakes get up to in the area, and more importantly, what they get caught for. If you're an innocent person, this can tip you off to what sorts of crimes to avoid committing or being anywhere near, since it obviously didn't work out for those who came before. If you were planning on committing crimes of this sort, you might consider moving to a city that's more hospitable to your operations.

How Do I Know if my New City is Good for Dating?

411Locate does its best to find the social media profiles of people it finds. This can let you know invaluable information, like the general attractiveness of other people with your name in the area-your competition. Maybe it's more than you can handle (just saying). Also you can see if they're in relationships to help you determine your date-ability once you've settled in.

How Do I Get More Information from 411Locate?

A standard search will bring up a lot of information, but it can't tell you everything. However, it usually will have at least one phone number, and sometimes an email, so get the 411 straight from the horse's mouth. A quick call and ask can help you determine if a new city is right for you. After all, you'd certainly do the same for someone who called you asking what it was like for your name in your city, wouldn't you?

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