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5 Reasons to Research a Date BEFORE You Meet Up

5 Reasons to Research a Date BEFORE You Meet Up

You've met someone pretty chill on a dating site. You've looked through their interests, deemed them attractive enough. They're not a creep so far. You've done some digital flirting. It's all very millennial-modern and sterile. Now it's almost time to see how the chemistry flows sans screen, but that's a big step! Seeing a dating profile isn't the same as knowing a person, so it's time to investigate. Why?

1. For Your Personal Safety

Let's be real here-meeting a stranger in person OR online is dangerous. The very same muscles that might make a man hot can pose a real threat. A pretty face can hide a dark secret. In this regard, a Facebook page isn't helpful, because it's just as controlled a presentation as a dating profile. What you need is a comprehensive background check, like those offered by 411Locate's People Search. These can give you criminal history, sexual predator stats and more. It might be scary to think about, but it's even scarier to go in unprepared.

2. To Detect Liars

There's nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward-even in person people do that. It's a little different if the foot they're putting forward belongs to someone else. We all have many different reasons for dating, but you don't have to be shallow to be turned-off by someone presenting a totally false face or facts. Basics like their job, age, and more make up the things that you'll want them to be truthful on. Keep the liars out by double-checking their claims through people and property searches.

3. To Know the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

Now someone doesn't have to outright lie on a dating profile-they can just leave details out. But omission can be serious business. You'd want to know if someone has kids, was married before or worse-still is. This can all affect a serious relationship down the road. People search can give you marriage, divorce, and even death certificates.

4. Because You have Something to Hide

There is nothing worse than being an honest criminal just trying to make their money and stay out of jail, only to meet a wonderful person online and have them turn out to be a cop. If you want to keep your activities under wraps, and want a nice non-inquisitive date, look them up first to discover any ties to the authorities, whether it's their job, family, friends, associates, or even their home's distance from the police station.

5. Because You're a Gold-Digger

With unemployment so high, often this is a great transition career. LinkedIn profiles are usually honest about a person's job, since those will be verified by employers, but stay anonymous because people can tell who scopes them there. After that, 411Locate can get you information on everywhere they've lived and the values of those homes and neighborhoods-great indicators of success. It can also bring up their potentially rich relatives, who can be independently investigated. Phew! Gold-digging is a fulltime job!

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